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My Philosophy

Classical Chinese Medicine provides a lens for practitioners to observe the progression of disease as it moves through the body.  It is a complete system of medicine developed over 3,000 years that can be used to understand the nature of all pathologies, and thereby treat the symptoms that will inevitably occur.  

Everyone deserves to be listened to, seen, and heard

First off let me begin by thanking you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join me on your journey towards health .  Whether you plan on scheduling in person or online, expect to be seen and heard.  Honesty and vulnerability are key to witnessing the biggest changes in your body, emotions, and thoughts.  Your session begins with a thorough intake including questioning, and Chinese medicine diagnostics like pulse taking, tongue reading and abdominal palpation.  Our sessions are confidential, and everything disclosed will be respected and met with non-judgement.  The more you allow your self to be listened to and seen the better the outcome.  Trust that whatever you are going through I can help you get through it.  
Other modalties I incorporate into treatment
Common eastern medicinal therapies apart from acupuncture that I offer are cupping, gua sha, and moxabustion.  I am also trained in non-insertive Japanese Acupuncture, and manual therapies such as: Shiatsu, Myo-fascial release, Craniosacral therapy, Visceral manipulation, and So-tai.  All of these treatment modalities may be requested, but will only be given as indicated by the patient on an individual basis.
Tai Qi and Meditation
I have been practicing Tai Qi for over 15 years and instructing for more than 10 years.  For me, Tai Qi has created more self awareness both internally and externally.  As a student and practitioner of Tai Qi I have found that it has helped me learn to embody Chinese Medicine in a way that is unique to my practice of Acupuncture and energy awareness.  It has taught me to relax my body, manage my emotional life, and quiet my thoughts.  It has also taught me to be sensitive to energies in the body through gentle touch and perception.  I am forever learning to refine my energy in order to gain mastery over myself and the tasks that are presented in every day life. As a certified Tai Chi instructor, I offer group classes to teach the Tai Chi curriculum presented through the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association, International
Email me at for inquiries and/or questions.
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