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Gua Sha

Guā 刮  meaning to scrape or rub, and Shā 痧 meaning an acute manifestation of heat.  Sometimes also referred to as Guā Feng or “scraping wind”

Gua Sha is a method of treatment that uses a tool to scrape the skin in order to increase microcirculation underneath the skin's surface.  From a Chinese Medical understanding, this unblocks stuck Qi and releases wind cold from the underlying tissue, usually at the nape of the neck.  Gua sha is also a technique that is wonderful for strengthening the immune system and alleviating pain.  It is known to revitalize and rejuvenate the body, and clear the mind and release emotions.

It is common that Gua Sha leaves a mark on the body that looks like a rug burn, however, rest assured, these marks go away in a couple of days.  The benefits outweigh the temporary cosmetic blemish.

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