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Moxibustion, the process of burning Moxa, is an ancient therapy that developed alongside Acupuncture thousands of years ago.


Moxa or ài yè (Artemisiae Argyi Folium) is prepared dried Mugwort leaf.  Most patients thoroughly enjoy the aromatic qualities and warming actions of Moxa.  It is best known for warming the meridians, stopping bleeding, dispelling cold and alleviating pain. It commonly treats asthma, diarrhea, allergies, arthritis, rheumatic pain, vomiting, abdominal pain, and gynecological disorders.

There are various grades of Moxa, and multiple techniques encompassing its therapeutic use.  Moxa can be burned directly on the body or indirectly over an acupuncture point.  If burned on the body it is taken off before it gets down to the skin.  It is also common that moxa is burned on top of another herb such as a slice of ginger or aconite.  Indirectly, moxa poles (cigars) are lit and held over a point until the desired warming effect is achieved.  

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