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Fire Cupping


In ancient China cupping was first used to drain pus from sores using the same suction method that classical practitioners use today.  Fire cupping creates a vacuum like seal from the cupping vessel to the skin, which draws the underlying tissue upward.  The first kind of "cups" that were originally used were animal horns.  They then developed into other materials like brass, iron, ceramic, and bamboo.  Many practitioners use plastic cups with a suction tube, which voids the need for fire.  However, due to the alchemical elemental nature of burning fire to pull out the oxygen in the cup and placing it over the skin to create suction, I have adopted this method whole-heartedly into my practice. 


Cupping is commonly used for arthritic pain, abdominal pain, stomach-ache, indigestion, common colds, headaches, hypertension, low back pain, painful menstruation and many other syndromes.  Multiple techniques have been adopted over the years to strengthen its therapeutic effect, many of which you will experience here in The Koral Clinic.

Cupping may leave circular marks on the body that can range in color from red to dark blue.  These marks are a sign that the treatment was effective and should no longer be visible after a few days.  The benefits outweigh the temporary cosmetic blemish.

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