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About Dr. Levi Koral

As a doctor of East Asian Medicine, it brings me great joy and appreciation to be able to practice an incredibly powerful ancient medicine. Classical Chinese Medicine, specifically,  has evolved over thousands of years and it is now more than ever relevant today. It is my belief and understanding that any disease or illness can be treated through the widespread knowledge and application of East Asian Medicine. 
In order to take a leap, you don't need to hit rock bottom or have some drastic misfortune fall upon you.  You could simply just want to feel better.  There are many moments in our lives that make us wake up, and I have found similar healing experiences to the short story I am about to share with you while receiving East Asian herbal and Acupuncture treatments.  They help the mind, body, and spirit wake up.  This medicine is attainable, approachable, and it is here now for you to implement into your life. 
I learned about the power of indigenous medicine after getting sick while living in Peru from 2010-2012.  There were months where I wasn't able to pass a solid bowel.  My energy was drained, I struggled to stay hydrated, and I was working in one of the hottest and most humid environments on the planet.  Yet, I had to fulfill my responsibilities each day.  While in Peru, I co-founded a program to teach environmental studies to kids ages 8-12 in what may be considered the poorest neighborhood in the jungle, called Belen.  I discovered this place from volunteering as a hospital clown with the world-famous M.D. and clown: Patch Adams.  Prior to moving there, he chose to return to this place year after year because of the challenges it posed.  Domestic violence, alcoholism, waterborne illness, poor education, lack of sanitation and access to health care, to name a few.  I put myself in this position to learn and grow, however, I began to develop chronic health problems.  My digestive system was totally off, and it felt like I was no longer in control over my life.   I was depressed, felt lost, and was completely drained. 

Iquitos is an epicenter of indigenous health and natural medicine in the world.  Therefore, after my program ended, I sought help.  I heard of a well-known Shaman that lived in the jungle and I pursued this calling.  I made arrangements to spend three weeks in one of his programs and it was the most difficult and healing journey of my life to date.  Without going into great detail, afterward, my body felt clean, I was again emotionally stable, bodily functions were back to normal, and it is all attributed to having a guide to help process what I was going through while consuming clean alkalinizing foods, and jungle herbs.  Needless to say, after a few weeks of intense detox and rebuilding, I was feeling better than I ever felt in my life.  This was just the beginning of a life-long journey towards health.

I returned back to the states after this eye-opening experience and would study with this healer in the jungle for years to come.  After this transformation, I knew that there was only one way forward, and that is when I enrolled in school for natural medicine.  I found that Classical Chinese Medicine is an accessible, and powerful ancient medicine that can be used to treat modern-day disease.  Its evolution over thousands of years brings with it clinical wisdom and endless resources, which address the progression of disease as it manifests in the body.  It is now my privilege to help guide others through the trenches towards the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Education and more...

While obtaining a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management and Jazz Studies at Guilford College in North Carolina, I was given the great opportunity to meet Patch Adams, who would become a huge inspiration in the years to come. It was at this time that I began volunteering with his organization: The Gensundheit Institute. His approach to health is unconventional, edgy, and most importantly effective. With this organization I was fortunate to travel through much of South and Central America during my late teens and twenties. I learned the art of medical clowning, which involves bringing humor, joy, and healing to the people who needed it the most. 

In my late teens I also began a journey into developing my inner-landscape through the art and practice of Tai Qi (pronounced Chee) and meditation.  Currently, I am a certified Tai Qi instructor through the Golden Flower Tai Qi Association International founded by Grandmaster San Gee Tam and Master Annuka Holland.  With these two practices I bring a unique perspective and practice to the art of East Asian Medicine.
In 2014 I began my study of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon.  This five year doctoral program provided me with a scholarly and hands-on clinical practice and education.  During my internship rotations I spent 2 years working in acute and long-term public addiction facilities.  Here I focused on detox and long term care for drug and alcohol abuse.  My primary focus is in East Asian herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, and hands-on body work.  Click here to learn more about my approach to treatment.  

In my free time, I love to explore the outdoors with my wife, and our incredible Aussiedoodle Kudzu.  I am a pianist of almost 30 years, an avid Tai Qi practitioner, skier, and am always open to playing a game of pickup basketball.  I love to travel, philosophize over a cup of pu-erh tea, and have spent multiple years of my life traveling through parts of Asia and South America.  

Other languages I speak:
I am fluent in Spanish and conversational in French.
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