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Tibetan Foot Soaks

Tibetan Foot soaks now offered in the clinic.  Ask about adding it on to your one-on-one appointment or during group acupuncture.  This wonderful combination of Tibetan herbs stimulate deep regenerative processes critical for the brain and body.  The herbs used for the soaks are literally the best quality on Earth.  They are wildcrafted and sourced directly from small farms in rural Tibet.  Each soak is enriched with Tibetan salts to provide not only volatile oils, but the mineral effects of a high mountain hot spring.

These soaks are extremely effective for treating systemic pain in the body, neuropathy, colds hands and feet, menstrual disorder, digestive disorders and much more.  

These soaks are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Please let me know if you have a history of clots or congestive Heart failure.

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